LETTERS: Vote for 4A and 4B to help schools continue to help students’ health


EDITOR: Over the past seven months, we’ve seen just how important our front-line healthcare workers are to the safety and health of our communities.

In the Cherry Creek School District, school nurses, counselors and mental health workers are an essential part of every building. CCSD is the only school district in Colorado that has a registered nurse in every school; the district has three mental health professionals in every high school, two in every middle school and one in every elementary school.

This dedication to the physical and mental health of the district’s 55,000-plus students has made a real difference during an unprecedented challenge. CCSD has kept up their commitment to staffing where it’s mattered the most, and that’s directly benefited our kids.

The election in November will determine whether CCSD can maintain that commitment. The district is facing a shortfall of $60 million over the next two years. Chronic underfunding by the state of Colorado and new long-term costs associated with the pandemic are threatening the district’s important resources.

It’s up to us to make sure our kids keep the tool they need for their health and safety.

Ballot measure 4A will help keep nurses and mental health workers in every school. 4B will fund a much-needed expansion of our Mental Health services through the construction of a stand-alone treatment facility. Voting ‘yes’ will help give our kids what they need to meet the present challenges and the demands of the future. Let’s make sure students have what they need to succeed.

Randy Perlis, via [email protected]