LETTERS: Three reasons Proposition 113 is bad for Colorado


EDITOR: If Proposition 113 was actually good for Colorado, why would 95% of its funding come from out of state, with the vast majority coming from California? Instead of giving our electoral votes to the candidate who wins Colorado, Prop 113 wants to cede them to whichever candidate wins the most votes nationally. It’s no wonder then that California is trying to buy our votes and diminish Colorado’s national voice.

Indeed, Prop 113 ought to be named, “Should California elect the president for the other 49 states?”

Here are three main reasons to vote NO on Prop 113:

Preserve Colorado’s national voice: If big coast population centers can decide the president for the rest of the country, candidates will only cater to those areas. Colorado’s needs and priorities will therefore be over-looked since our voice will be over-whelmed by much larger populations elsewhere.

Recognize our nation’s diversity: To reflect our nation’s diversity of thought and experience, we don’t just need agreement from a lot of people, but agreement from a lot of people in a lot of different places. That’s why it’s important for a president to earn not just the coastal population vote but the vote of those throughout the country.

Discourage voter fraud: Today, voter fraud must occur in the “right” states to swing the election. In a popular vote, it doesn’t matter where the voter fraud occurs, therefore increasing the chances that voter fraud can impact the election.

Let’s preserve Colorado’s voice and vote NO on Prop 113!

Scott McDaniel, via [email protected]

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