LETTERS: Student has concerns with Cherry Creek Schools’ handling of virus


EDITOR: I am a student at Cherry Creek High School in the southern part of the Denver-Metro area.

This summer, I had to pick either in-person or remote and stick with it for the year. I have a preexisting condition, but 2/3rds of my classes are not offered with their remote option (and still aren’t!), including my science and economics classes. I felt I had no choice and prayed the school district would have good judgement.

As you may or may not be aware, our district has had outbreaks and is still open in-person. That’s not why I am writing. I am writing because the district changed the metrics again for closing schools.

Now, hundreds of students need to be actively infected and they need to have their cases reported for it to be considered bad. They shifted the bar without any notice whatsoever.
The data looked troubling right before the change was made. I don’t know their intentions in doing such, but that is what happened.

More importantly, I have been astounded over these past two months by the lack of judgement from the upper-officials.

I am scared. I thought our district would try to at least protect students, but I don’t think they are anymore. I am mentally breaking apart at this rate. I can’t function, and I feel as if I have been left with no choices, as if nobody cares.

I just want to take my classes safely, not lose my letters of recommendations for colleges (which I would if I switched schools) and to know that our district cares.

All of the above are off the table, so now I just want to be heard. The entire community should know of the impacts this is having, of what is going on in our schools.

If possible, I would like to find some way to get my concerns heard.

Alexander Yang, via [email protected]