LETTERS: One term is enough for Crow, it’s time for House in the House


EDITOR: After one term it’s time to replace Jason Crow as our U.S. House representative. He was elected to represent our Colorado voices and values, and he’s failed to do this. In fact, Crow ranks in the bottom quartile of effective legislators—unable to propose any bills into law and only one bill getting his own party’s support. It’s no surprise that Crow ranks as the least effective member of our Colorado delegation according to Gov Track’s 2019 study.

It’s Crow’s lurch to the radical Left that is perhaps the most surprising. Crow wasn’t elected to vote 92% of the time with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar — the former being the author of the socialist Green New Deal (which would cripple Colorado’s economy), and the latter committed to defunding the police.

That’s why it’s time to elect Steve House to get us back on the right track. Steve is a problem-solver, an entrepreneur, engineer, and healthcare expert who prioritizes solutions for local Coloradans over the politics of Washington DC. He’s a collaborative leader who understands that Coloradans value lower taxes, affordable high-quality healthcare, and a prosperous energy policy. He knows community safety, freedom, and preserving our Constitutional rights are things close to our hearts, and he will passionately represent our values on a national level. Steve’s campaign is building well-deserved momentum!

Jason Crow has had his chance and he’s failed us. This November, let’s elect Steve House to represent our Colorado voices and values!

— Daniel Brown, via [email protected]