LETTERS: Kellner is the right District Attorney choice to deliver justice


EDITOR: I’m concerned at the rising violent crime rates we’re seeing in Aurora. Violent crime is up sharply vs last year and we’ve had more murders this year than all of 2019. As a community, we need to resist and reverse these trends and our next District Attorney will play an important role in this. Now is the time for proven experience in prosecuting violent criminals and delivering justice for families. That is why I believe it’s crucial we elect John Kellner for District Attorney.

John has a history of protecting our community. He served our country as a Marine, achieved great success in prosecuting violent criminals in our region (including being named “Prosecutor of the Year” in 2016 by the Colorado District Attorney’s Council), and as current Chief Deputy DA is ready to defend and represent us as our next District Attorney.

John’s strong experience in criminal prosecution will help keep our communities safer. Using this experience, John will protect the public with proactive policies that emphasize community engagement to promote trust with police officers and deter criminals. He will work to reduce gun violence by closely partnering with local and federal task forces. He’ll also focus on expanding our treatment courts to address root causes of crime—and he has the knowledge of and relationships in our community to get that done.

School Safety is a core focus for John and he will do everything in his power to preserve safety and prevent school violence. He supports an “all of the above”, collaborative approach where early intervention, mental health resources, and accountability are key.

In sharp contrast, John’s opponent presents great risks for our community. She’s missing crucial experience–never having successfully prosecuted a violent crime trial. She’s endorsed by an anti-cop radical–she’s proud of being endorsed by an elected official who removed School Resource Officers from Denver schools and has repeatedly disparaged police officers such as last week when he publicly told our police, “All you motherf#&%@!’s are corrupt”. She wouldn’t deliver justice—she says “I don’t believe in charging children as adults. Period.” So under her watch, the recent STEM mass shooter would potentially get off with a 1 to 3 year sentence? She also supports reducing sentences for criminals who kill someone while committing a robbery. She’d be a risk to our community in this crucial role which we can’t afford to take.

John Kellner’s proven-track record of prosecuting violent criminals, delivering justice for families, and collaborative approach to keeping our community safe is why he’d make a great District Attorney. The need for a great District Attorney is more important than ever. Let’s do our part and elect John Kellner!

— Linda White, via [email protected]