LETTERS: Fees on oil, coal and natural gas necessary to fight climate change


EDITOR: Fire has always been present, so how do forest fires differ today from earlier ones? Science tells us that indeed the qualities of forest fires have changed.

NASA scientists document more and larger fires. Their research suggests that fires in the West are going to be more frequent and larger in the future. Warming due to increasing greenhouse gas emissions will likely increase the potential for ‘very large fires’.

So what can be done to lower the risk? To reduce greenhouse gas production, a fee should be applied to oil, coal and natural gas (fossil fuels) at their site of extraction. Making these more expensive will reduce their use, according to Citizens Climate Lobby.

By sending the money collected back to Americans, the total cost of energy would stay about the same, but the source of climate warming gases would go down. Ask your congressperson to support HR 763.

— Robert Brayden, via [email protected]