EDITOR: I’m proud to vote for Jason Crow this year, as I have watched him work to bring integrity, transparency, and evidence-based governing to Congress. He has held many town halls and public meetings where I have heard him answer questions on any topic from anyone, explaining his positions openly and respectfully. Jason is one of the few members of Congress to post his meeting calendar publicly, and his work on the For the People Act shows a commitment to reveal sources of dark money, no matter who it comes from or which side it supports. Jason’s personal experiences with weapons, as both an Army Ranger and a hunter, and his knowledge of the facts about gun violence in our country lead him to work for a culture of responsibility, with policies that respect individual rights while holding people accountable when they endanger us and our neighbors. Please join me in sending Jason Crow back to Congress to help build an America that respects and protects all of us.

Barbara Niederhoff, via letters@sentinelcolorado.com