LETTERS: Crow knows bees feel climate change just like we do


EDITOR: Whether it is due to the choking smoke in the air from the wildfires in Colorado and the rest of the West, or wild weather patterns that are extreme even by Colorado standards, all of us have felt the impact of climate change this year.

I manage six honeybee colonies in my Arapahoe County apiary. As the saying goes, “ask three beekeepers a question, and you will get five answers,” but most beekeepers will agree that beekeeping is exponentially more difficult now than it was even 10 years ago. While these difficulties are partly due to the introduction of parasites, it is also because of climate-change challenges including unusually early and late freezes, flooding, and extreme drought conditions, all of which affect honeybees’ natural food sources,.

Like the honeybees, our military’s ability to function is also threatened by climate change. Our congressman, Jason Crow, has vigorously fought for mitigating the human-caused sources of climate change that threaten both the survival of our pollinators and our ability to defend ourselves as a nation. His Military Installation Resilience Assuredness (MIRA) Act was signed into law, and he has launched the Sustainable Power Initiative. These win-win solutions not only make our military installations (such as Buckley Air Force Base here in the 6th District) resilient in the face of extreme weather and climate events, but by making them energy self-sufficient, they cannot be threatened by enemies who might try to cut off their energy sources and hamstring their missions.

The bees, their keepers, and our military have common cause in the control of human-caused climate change, and Jason Crow has been relentless and creative in reaching across the aisle to find bi-partisan solutions to this problem. We need his continued representation to bring about solutions to the climate change challenges that face us in the 6th District and the nation.

— Ann J. Atkinson, via [email protected]