LETTERS: Crossover bill support needed to tackle large problems


EDITOR: As an independent candidate in Colorado general elections for more than a dozen years, I understand the importance of “one.” That is, your voice, your vote, vota, voto.

We have entered into a new paradigm of politics, and our U.S. House of Representatives needs to be prepared to tackle a rapidly advancing onslaught of concerns: from climate change to health care, civil rights and the ever changing economy. The absence of Congressional term limits, however, induces the need for civics education in the United States.

Bill sponsorship remains a partisan practice in the U.S. Congress, while long-term politicians often are unproductive in proposing bills. Crossover will need to come from a “unifying” member, which is why this election year I accepted the Unity Party of Colorado’s nomination for Congressional District No. 1. I support the party’s call for congressional term limits and accept the commitment to being a “unifier” in Congress. In doing so, I will faithfully represent my district in leading the transformation that is upon us.

My career in professional dance opened me to a world of adventure and experience: Israel during Operation Entebbe in 1976, South America in 1980 and a four-year tenure with the New York City Ballet Education Department in 1980-84. The performing arts and ballet in particular provided me with the discipline, vision and ambition to assume a leading role in the theater of politics. Although I am running for Congress to ensure that our invaluable endowments for the arts and humanities remain funded, I am equally committed to the routine achievement of a balanced budget and environmental protection.

Hemp-based plastic is our future in Colorado, yet we remain too ingrained in oil and gas. Congressional District 1 can lead the way in securing the future of this exciting innovation. I was on the first hayride in 2006 with Sen. Cory Gardner in Weld County, touring the first hemp farm in Colorado. When Denver International Airport can feature hemp to welcome visitors and those returning home to the Mile High City, hemp and cannabinoids (CBD) will finally arrive in our state. Colorado has been preparing for years for this transformation. Now, if only Congress would fund it….

My social and political consciousness was formed here in Colorado, growing up in Parker and living in the Ponderosa Hills, working ranches in Douglas County where I cared for horses and entered prize-winning rabbits in the State Fair. My years in 4-H Colorado provided me with an education in agriculture; its pledge of “head, heart, hands and health” became my commitment to a larger service to my community, my county and the greater world.

Despite being a current beneficiary of Social Security and Medicare, I support Universal Basic Income (UBI) for this country to alleviate poverty and replace other programs that require greater government involvement. UBI would help those who need it and credit those who don’t. And those who receive credits may also want to consider using them to support nonprofit organizations that one day will take better care of them and us.

Fiorino for Denver since 1955. Get me in and DeGette out. Denver is ready for a replacement. Colorado is a national leader, now the people must decide for themselves who’s best for Congressional District 1, for our Centennial State and for our country.

Paul Noel Fiorino, via [email protected]