LETTERS: COVID-19 is another reason to go vegan


EDITOR: After 10 workers at a Colorado meatpacking plant tested positive for COVID-19, about 1,000 other employees walked off the job, because slaughterhouse workers are forced to work in crowded, filthy conditions — without safety gear — and aren’t given sick pay to self-quarantine.

This just reinforces my decision to eat only vegan foods.

Slaughterhouses are sick, unsanitary places that typically don’t show concern for their employees, many of whom must keep up with dangerous slaughter speeds and stomach unethical, revolting practices. Many slaughterhouse employees become mentally unwell, even suicidal, and workplace safety records indicate that U.S. slaughterhouse employees are three times more likely to suffer serious injury than the average American worker.

Approximately two slaughterhouse workers have a limb cut off by machinery each week. Others lose an eye or suffer from fractured fingers, second-degree burns, or head trauma. And now they have to worry about becoming infected with COVID-19 as well.

The meat industry isn’t likely to change, but we can, by going vegan. Meat and other animal-based foods aren’t essential. Let’s enjoy healthy vegan foods, and retrain meatpackers to be an important part of the growing vegan food industry. Visit www.PETA.org for more information and a free vegan starter kit.

Heather Moore, via [email protected]