LETTERS: As District Attorney, John Kellner can protect the community


EDITOR: We should expect that our next district attorney has experience successfully prosecuting violent criminals—right? That should be critical, especially when we’re facing sharply rising crime rates in Denver and Aurora. But Amy Padden, one of the candidates for District Attorney, doesn’t have that crucial experience—she’s never successfully prosecuted a violent crime trial. That’s a glaring lack of experience our community needs our district attorney to have.

The concerns don’t stop there with Ms. Padden. She’s proud of her endorsement from an anti-cop radical—an elected official who led the charge to remove school resource officers from Denver public schools and who has repeatedly disparaged police officers by publicly saying to them, “All you motherf#&%@!’s are corrupt”. In fact, Ms. Padden donated five times to help get this anti-cop radical elected. Her proposed policy reforms are very concerning as well. For example, she has publicly pledged to send 25% fewer people to prison regardless of the circumstances. She also supports reducing sentences for criminals who kill someone while committing a robbery. In addition, she says “I don’t believe in charging children as adults. Period.” So under her watch, the recent STEM mass shooter would potentially get off with a 1 to 3 year sentence. Furthermore, she wants to decriminalize prostitution which allows human traffickers to hide and continue victimizing the vulnerable.

Our community deserves better than that. The Denver Post, law enforcement agencies, and numerous other officials realize this as well which is why they’ve all endorsed her opponent, John Kellner. Indeed, John knows what it takes to deter crime and achieve justice for families in our community.

John Kellner has a history of protecting our community. He served our country as a Marine, achieved great success in prosecuting violent criminals in our region (including being named “Prosecutor of the Year” in 2016 by the Colorado District Attorney’s Council), and as current Chief Deputy DA, is ready to defend and represent us as our next District Attorney.

John is committed to a transparent, accountable, and equitable DA’s office that puts our safety first. To do this, he’ll promote policies that emphasize community engagement to build trust with police officers and deter criminals. He will work to reduce gun violence by closely partnering with local and federal task forces. He’ll also focus on expanding our treatment courts to address root causes of crime—and he has the knowledge of and relationships in our community to get that done.

John Kellner’s proven-track record of prosecuting violent criminals, delivering justice for families, and his collaborative, transparent approach to keeping Aurora safe is why he’d make a great District Attorney. The need for a great District Attorney is more important than ever. Let’s do our part and elect John Kellner!

Sarah May, via [email protected]

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