LETTERS: Abortions will climb with votes for Trump, Gardner


EDITOR: Conservative politicians like Donald Trump and Cory Gardner, when they want to attract religious voters, declare themselves “pro-life.” Labels are easy; responsible lawmaking is hard. Trump and Gardner have made decisions that will increase the number of abortions.

Decades of statistics have shown a close correlation between numbers of unwanted pregnancies and abortions. Obamacare made contraception affordable for many more women, so, predictably, the abortion rate went down. In 2016, the rate was less than half what it was in 1980.

Trump forced Planned Parenthood to withdraw from federal funding, but did not create an alternative organization to provide contraceptives for poor women. Gardner did not object. Trump changed the rules to let employers eliminate contraception from employee insurance plans — Gardner did not object. Trump spent four years trying to eliminate Obamacare and its affordable contraceptives. Gardner voted with him.

If voters give second term to Trump and Gardner, they will likely succeed in eliminating affordable contraception, which will drive up the abortion rate.

We need a pragmatic, non-partisan senator like John Hickenlooper, who will evaluate the consequences of policies instead of thinking with slogans.

Ray Harlan, via [email protected]