EDITOR: In 1971 I was sexually assaulted by two men. The result was pregnancy. I was a kid, Catholic, and traumatized. Fearing my narcissistic mother’s extreme religiosity, I sought out an “underground clinic.”

My pregnancy confirmed, the kind young doctor suggested I ask my parents for help. Naively, I decided to try. My mother ranted. She called me a cheap prostitute. My father just stared. I was turned out into the dark literally and figuratively.

The clinic connected me to a secret network to obtain an abortion in California—the only state to have safe, legal abortion and birth control. I flew stand-by before dawn. I’d never flown and never been alone. I was met by a person I knew only by physical description, then hustled with others into the basement of a hospital in a bus with blacked out windows. I was lucky. I didn’t die.

Now, Prop. 115 will throw Colorado women back into that bus. The self-righteous GOP continues to seek control of women. They chip away at our privacy and our rights. This legislation will allow no compassion for any women. VOTE NO ON 115.

Christine Weber, via letters@sentinelcolorado.com