LETTER: US internment camps are crimes against humanity


DEAR EDITOR: The United States is a country that is supposed to stand for unalienable human rights. The rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The right to a representative that is appointed to those that cannot provide their own. The CBP camps that Trump has made are atrocious. They are against every notion that the United States was founded on.

These are internment camps. These people are being treated worse than animals. The people in charge of maintaining these camps are torturing them. They are treating them as the college students from the Stanford prison experiment treated their peers.

These “officers” are letting the power they have over these people consume their morality. They are taking out everything that’s ever gone wrong in their lives on these innocent people.

This country is supposed to be the land of the free. Internment camps are certainly not freedom and I certainly will not support any representative that just sits by as men, women, and children are being tortured and killed by our own government. Human beings should not have to drink from toilets. Human beings should not have to beg to shower. Human beings should not get one tiny shampoo packet to clean their whole body. Human beings should not be packed into a cell like sheep. Sheep are treated much better than this. It’s despicable.

These are crimes against humanity. I will not stand silently by while people are suffering. Will my elected officials?

— Jacqueline Leindecker, via [email protected]