LETTERS: Vital health care systems are holding up in the pandemic


EDITOR: The last several months have been filled with changes — seemingly within the blink of an eye. COVID-19 remains a threat, meaning that so many Aurorans are still working from home, facing financial stress, unable to socialize and worried about our health. It’s no surprise that this uncertainty and isolation has caused one in three Americans to experience symptoms of stress, anxiety or other forms of mental illness.
Now, we are dealing with dual crises—both COVID-19 and its effects, including mental illness. And medical professionals, first responders and elected officials alike are looking to address them quickly.

As a retired Aurora Police Officer and current Aurora Mental Health Center Board member, I have been impressed by our healthcare system’s overall response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Dealing with unprecedented demands and confusion, the supply chain — from manufacturers and distributors to pharmacists, doctors and first responders — continues to rise to the challenge.

Our healthcare distributors, in particular, are making sure that COVID-19 patients and those dealing with other medical issues, including mental illness, are receiving the medications and pharmaceutical supplies that they need. These logistics experts are working across the supply chain to find supplies for every community, even those in the most rural parts of Colorado, so pharmacists, doctors and first responders can treat patients in their care.

The road to recovery will be long and uncertain. However, one thing we should rest assured knowing that our health care delivery system is committed to addressing each and every medical need.

Tim Huffman, via [email protected]