Editor: Some Colorado GOP insiders and opinion writers bemoan the election of far-right, conspiracy theorist and election denier Dave Williams to head the Colorado GOP, and want the sane Republicans to step up.  And they are correct in that his leadership will only drag the party down more.

But contending that there are “sane” Republicans in our midst is a stretch.

Republican state legislatures around the country have passed draconian laws targeting women, the LGBTQ community, rape victims, the Trans community and anyone who doesn’t look and act as they do.  And they have forestalled any meaningful gun reform laws.  We avoid such measures in Colorado because Democrats hold the majority.  But that didn’t stop state Republicans from introducing bills that would ban abortion, dissuade enforcement of federal firearms laws, pass anti-Covid vaccine requirements, slash our state’s budget, restrict transgender athletes’ rights, etc.  That’s not sane.  That’s spiteful.

The Grand Old Party was never that grand.  Just look at the influence of McCarthyism, the John Birch Society and the Federalist Society on the GOP.  Scapegoating, conspiracy theories, homophobia, and fierce anti-woman sentiment abound.
Moreover, these pundits repeat the worn-out and useless tropes of Democrats causing crime, inflation, debt, etc. with no fact checking.
The Colorado GOP candidates ran on such a platform last year and voters saw through that and they were soundly defeated.
Sanity prevailed – for the Democrats.
Lynne Popkowski, via letters@sentinelcolorado.com

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  1. I am so personally, pleased, that there is someone out there that can define sanity within politics, that requires so many others as being, insane. Lucky for us that Lynne is such a mental giant to be able to solve all our political problems, in so few words.

    The only better situation is that there is a sounding board like the Sentinel blog to pass on their words of hateful rhetoric.

    Where are the peace makers?

    1. “Words of hateful violence?” In my opinion Lynne is spot on! The current GOP is the party of irrationality in its blind loyalty to Trump a con artist and traitor to our country. Look no further than the moronic theatrics of Lauren Boebert an embarrassment to Colorado and her district. The GOP has become the party the John Birch Society envisioned. The party of bigots, looney conspiracy theorists and subjects of Donald Trump. McCarthy would be proud.

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