LETTERS: Senate should pass the HEROES Act


EDITOR: We are under an imminent threat, evidenced by a 33% drop in GDP and over 150,000 American deaths. When the unemployment payments from the government stop and people have next-to-no money to participate in our economy, a 33% drop will be good news. When millions of families are evicted in the next month or two and living on the streets (in homeless camps) and the pandemic really ramps up, that 150,000 will fade into the past.

Millions need help now. The House of Representatives passed the HEROES Act in mid-May but the Senate Republicans like Cory Gardner have refused to provide the relief needed.

The Senate must act NOW to pass the HEROES Act:

1. $100 BN in rental assistance, which passes through to landlords.

2. Extension of the eviction moratorium to keep all of us safe from a more rampant spread of the virus.

3. A 15% increase in minimum SNAP benefits to feed our most vulnerable.

4. Expansion of the EITC and CTC, which make a much bigger difference than a payroll tax cut.

5. In addition to the HEROES Act, which provided no international relief, the US must retain our position as a global leader and provide $20 BN in international aid. A global pandemic demands a global response.

Cory Gardner is in a precarious enough position to listen to the people (despite never showing up). CALL HIM DAILY until the Senate acts responsibly. Sen. Bennet gets it and will vote responsibly.

— Martha Karnopp, via [email protected]