LETTERS: Questions about stances on police violence and brutality ahead of election

EDITOR: In this election year there are 22 DA seats, all state house seats, 18/35 state senate seats, all US House seats, and one US Senate seat up for grabs in Colorado.

In the middle of their campaigns, now is the time to ask questions and demand answers.

Mine are centered on police violence and brutality:

What are the barriers to holding police accountable for excessive force, racial/religious profiling?

What will you do to remove/mitigate those barriers?

What legislative fixes will you propose?

As DA, are you willing to investigate and prosecute police officers? What is the DA’s office’s record on that?

Do you support independent investigations of police abuse and transparency in disciplinary records for officers being investigated? What will that look like for the public?

Should the AG step in when DA’s are reluctant to charge officers? (as is the case in MN now)

Do you support changing police liability for misconduct? If yes, How? If No, why not?

Do you support reducing military sales to local police?

Do you support a national ban on excessive force, chokeholds? Etc.

We all have questions. We all need answers, not platitudes or feel-good phrases. The time is ripe, so look for virtual debates/town halls/events, ask your questions publicly and post their answers/non-answers.

We have the right and responsibility to be informed and to vote this fall.

— Lynne Popkowski, via [email protected]