LETTERS: Joe Biden is the needed leader in these times


EDITOR: We live in a time of significant uncertainty; a global pandemic has devastated our community health, damaged our economy, and worsened existing national challenges like income inequality and economic stability. Worse, we have a president who has weakened our ability to respond through his mismanagement and mistruths. America urgently needs strong, steady, and honest leadership in this time of crisis.

Joe Biden has already displayed the kind of leadership we need in this moment. As the Vice President of the United States, Joe led communicable disease response efforts to prevent Ebola outbreaks, he created the Moonshot to find a cure to cancer that led to better research coordination and collaboration, and he implemented the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act that saved our economy during the Great Recession. Not to mention, Joe Biden’s experience leading on the world stage as the former Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and working with world leaders as our vice president.

As a people, we’ve faced challenges before and we’ve lived up to those challenges by working together with a fierce determination and clear eyes. Joe Biden is the person we need to help lead us through this challenge. He has the experience and the empathy to bring our nation together and build a better future for all people.

I’m proud to support Joe Biden and hope you’ll join me to elect a president who will lead us through this moment and into a better future.

— Erik Clarke, via [email protected]