LETTERS: It’s good that health experts mandating masks aren’t elected


EDITOR: In response to the comments by Arapahoe County Commissioner Jeff Baker — I’m a 68-year-old senior. My husband is a 69-year-old high-risk senior with heart disease issues. We are very concerned about the COVID-19 virus and the spread that is increasing.

Personally, we are grateful for the medical experts who have studied and understand the way this deadly virus is spread. We are thankful that they have issued this order of wearing masks in public. A few loud voices complaining that those who ordered the masks have not been elected is not a reason to oppose the mask order. We wear masks not to protect ourselves, but to respect and protect those we come in contact with.

As citizens wanting the virus to get stopped, we will do everything that is recommended by the medical and science experts. You are quoted as concerned because Tri-County Health “decided this order without allowing public comments, and because they are unelected, appointed members with no term limits.”

We say thank goodness, in these political times of divisiveness and politicizing health, we are grateful that the scientists and medical experts ARE NOT elected politicians! Imagine if they had to campaign and solicit donations? They could be pressured by big cash donors to say what their donors want to hear and not what the facts are. Thank goodness they are NOT elected! Follow the example of Adams County Commissioners. Please publicly support the mask requirement in public and be a part of bringing our Arapahoe County community together to stop this global pandemic.

Becky Roberts, via [email protected]