LETTERS: Freedom of speech is being used in harmful ways


EDITOR: Does anyone see what’s happening in America as an allegory to the scarlet letter?

I mean we have this prevailing religion of progressive values, race, climate, income equality, gender equality, and all must obey the orthodoxy or there will be repercussions. And the great thing is the government can say we support and protect freedom of speech.

But then the powers come in use their bully pulpit to shame those that go against the orthodoxy and get their followers to pile on tell the poor person that spoke up has no job and is run out of town, and the government can say they had freedom of speech we can’t guarantee your job or those that dox and use their freedom of speech to harass and insult you.

So the people in power get total control of the narrative and use their minions as surrogates to spread lies and spite through the group tell they turn them on one person and then they destroy them.

— Mike J., via [email protected]