LETTERS: COVID-19’s not that bad, why destroy our livelihoods?


EDITOR: As of 5/29/20, 28 counties have reported not a single death from COVID-19. 22 others report less than 20 deaths total. Only 1,168 deaths in all of Colorado are due to COVID-19. Over 99% recover without symptoms!

So, why destroy our livelihoods, unless socialism is to replace capitalism? Why make an unproven, unsafe vaccination mandatory if it contains thimerosal (49.5% mercury), formaldehyde, aluminum, and RNA intended to rewrite our DNA to morphologically change us and our offspring, unless the hidden agenda includes the intention to lower and pacify the world population? Why include in this shot an RFID whose NFC tag’s unique serial number plus your GPS location/date/time will be uploaded to a government cloud database, unless they wish to control us completely? How has this been different than flu seasons in the past?

If the MY BODY MY CHOICE Colorado Amendment [When in the course of human events…a human chooses to improve the healthy, natural functioning of his or her cardiovascular, immunological or other normal systems, plus those of his or her underage children, he or she shall not be discriminated against, overruled, censored, restricted, or punished in any way. Established here is the right to control what comes into our bodies, to decline and reject drugs, injections, implants, vaccinations, medications, surgery, or any other treatments] doesn’t pass this November, the 1905 Supreme Court ruling in Jacobson v Massachusetts stands; police can then constitutionally enforce mandatory vaccinations. So, contact your elected officials before it is too late.

— Nathaniel Weeks, via [email protected]