LETTERS: Connecting spiritual communities important, but only in safe ways


EDITOR: I am heartbroken to hear President Donald Trump pressure state governors to immediately open up the churches when these locations have been proven to be hotspots for transmission already in America and around the world.

I agree with him that connecting with our spiritual communities and feeling supported and guided during this difficult time is very important.

My spiritual life is extremely important to me, which is why I am glad that my church has expanded greatly their on line presence. The band and ministers give the entire service on line and it is recorded on the website for later viewing. I love the way I can share comments with my co-worshipers in the chat box. Facebook expands access to smaller programs. Children’s spiritual education is also provided. Special Interest groups have weekly zoom calls. Food banks are staffed by distance volunteers. Perhaps the greatest need is to help spiritual centers use this technology.

To try to create a false story that those opposed to in church services are somehow biased against religion denies science. My teachings tell me that the body of Christ is in the people reaching out to help the world, not in a physical location.

If people want to gather together, perhaps they could schedule services through the week at park bandstands with social distanced lawn chairs. Maybe use a drive in movie theater. But, please, love your neighbors by only having churches open for individual visits, small groups with social distancing until we are through this time.

— Gina Abegg, via [email protected]