LETTERS: Concerns with Gruber, Aurora City Council and ‘tomfoolery’


EDITOR: To the Aurora City Council members and especially Council member Gruber,

I cannot believe we need to be having this conversation after most of us have been sheltering in place since mid-March.

You should be ashamed that when residents of your wards are watching their entire lives go up in smoke and the Federal Reserve is expecting the unemployment numbers to hit 32 percent due to Covid-19 (https://nypost.com/2020/03/31/federal-reserve-predicts-32-unemployment-rate-thanks-to-coronavirus/) you’re wasting taxpayer dollars and precious time in having petty philosophical conversations about whose God is better or superior or whether the word God is inclusive enough or not.

I know I don’t speak only for myself when I am begging you to please spend your council voting time in creating real, sound, well-thought solutions to real, serious problems in your communities; instead of this tomfoolery. Councilman Gruber, you need to do better. Put away the Facebook feed and Nextdoor, and start bringing up ideas on how to support your city through this health crisis.

How are we going to salvage every small business in city and state from obliteration? In the real world, we, your constituents, are sitting on hold for hours trying to get in touch with our banks to make payment arrangements on credit cards; or find out how we can access SBA funds to keep our homes and businesses.

The day AFTER you’ve put traffic signals in every necessary place in the city; given every teacher and emergency staff in this city a pay raise so they can actually afford to live in the city the serve; get frequent round-the-clock police patrol in every neighborhood and solved response time problems in the most out of reach areas of the city; repaved every square inch of pavement that is now cracked or sorely needing maintenance and beautified every single green space in this great city of ours — that’s the day you can take your Council meeting to discuss God. Before that, and while facing a pandemic with meager healthcare resources, this is unacceptable.

Almost embarrassed to be your constituent.

— Astrid Storey, via [email protected]