LETTERS: Calling for Crow to face off with Steve House


EDITOR: Where is Representative Jason Crow?

It appears that his campaign strategy is to stay in a basement. He has been invited multiple times by multiple organizations to either debate or to appear in candidate forums with his opponent, Steve House. Is Representative Crow afraid to defend the massively expensive Affordable Care Act, or full socialized medicine against Steve House’s health care plan which would actually dramatically reduce cost to governments, businesses and consumers while covering all Americans? Is Representative Crow afraid to discuss education reform and his defense of our failing education system? Is he afraid to discuss actual ways to bring fiscal sanity to the Federal budget? Is Representative Crow afraid to discuss his principle focus of his one term in office being the attempted and time wasting impeachment trial of the President? Is he afraid to compare his overall lack of experience to Steve House’s lifetime of preparation to be an effective US Congressman for Colorado.?

Voters deserve to see candidates for key offices face to face with each other as they debate and discuss key issues. There is still time before most of us vote — let’s see Jason Crow and Steve House in multiple forums on the same stage.

— Paul Archer, via [email protected]

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