LETTERS: Better decision making by Aurora police, city officials will protect city’s image


EDITOR: An open letter to Aurora government:  On one of my posts today, someone from a neighboring city responded to the disgusting police presence at a peaceful memorial for Elijah McClain. The video showed Gestapo-type behavior that was then viewed and condemned around the world. That comment supported the idea of disbanding the APD. He replied, “Go for it. Throw the bums out.”

What he said next was heart breaking. He continued with “Never liked Aurora, just a massive swollen horror of growth, fast-food joints, crime, pollution and noise. Should have stayed open prairie.”

I asked him to please not put down Aurora and its residents with such contempt. We are a great community with wonderful people. We have arts, music, libraries, hospitals and lovely streets, parks & playgrounds. Yes, we, like all cities need improvement.

Our promise of being a great city is not helped by the APD. It is not helped by the “Rethuglicon” city council members and mayor who disregard residents’ housing needs while courting money from gentrification. They are the same who put profits from oil and gas above public health. They are there ones who think private prisons for immigrants are just fine.

I asked the commenter on my post to please support Aurora’s people and apologize for trashing us.

I am asking the entire city council and mayor to do your jobs and support all our people with the decisions you make. Our lives, our livelihoods and our reputation as a city where people are proud to raise their families is at stake.

Linda Servey, via [email protected]