LETTERS: Aurora Majority Project will lead on police reform


Editor: I am writing in support of the Aurora Majority Project and Candice Bailey Crystal Murillo, Bryan Lindstrom, Ruben Medina, John Ronquillo , Candace Bailey all have given countless hours of their time to serve the community putting people first. Championing equality in education, health care , and careers.

They all want to see police reform in which APD is celebrated but also held accountable when bad apples appear. They all have made it clear they will fight for affordable housing, solutions regarding homelessness, continuing work they have already started together.

The division on the Aurora City Council shows that we have weak leadership, strong leadership is collaborative and not dismissive of another’s point of view. I am asking voters educate themselves and on Nov. 2 make the smart choice for Aurora and that is supporting the Aurora Majority Project.

—Aaron Futrell, via [email protected]