LETTER: Everyone’s vote matters with the National Popular Vote change


EDITOR: Colorado’s National Popular Vote law empowers all voters, regardless of party.
Every Coloradan – and every American, regardless of party – should be politically powerful and relevant in every presidential election.

That’s what Colorado’s National Popular Vote law is all about. It will go into effect once enough states have passed the law to represent a majority of the electoral college votes.
Until then, we are stuck with the current system, in which presidential campaigns focus virtually all of their time and money on 12 “battleground” states after the primaries.

These battleground states are those for which the party getting the electoral votes is uncertain. The other 38 reliably “blue” or “red” states (large or small) sit on the sidelines, relegated to spectator status – as there is no incentive for campaigns to reach out to those voters.
The National Popular Vote interstate compact changes that by guaranteeing that the winner of the popular vote across 50 states and the District of Columbia will always be awarded 270 electoral votes, and the presidency.

When every vote becomes important and counts equally, the entire country will be “battleground”. Presidential candidates will be compelled to fight as hard for votes in Colorado as they do for votes in Florida, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania – which are currently “battleground” states.

Linda Sorauf — via [email protected]