LETTER: The wrong golden rule certainly seems true today



I find it very strange that the general public, like a herd of sheeple, are content to put bandages on so many sociological wounds rather than demand real change.

We all know a non-egalitarian, self-serving system, for all intents and purposes, is running the planet and leaving people behind, as if it wants the entire planet for itself. Food banks, soup kitchens and homeless shelters merely maintain suffering. Yet the institutions that should speak out against the concentration of wealth are strangely silent.

Take the two men who robbed the Cricket store as an example. What person who has options risks spending 95 years between them in prison for robbing a phone store? What has the Cricket corporation done to alleviate the suffering in America? Betcha a dollar they don’t feel it’s their responsibility. Leave the disenfranchised to their own devices and who know, perhaps soon they will disappear.

That old adage — he who owns the gold makes the rules — certainly seems to ring true.

Anthony Gilchrist, Aurora