LETTER: Why should I care about an election for the Aurora Public School Board?


EDITOR: Aurora has approximately 40,000 students a year to educate.  Those former and current students effect our daily lives.  It is likely that when you go to the grocery, a restaurant, your doctor’s office, or utilize a business in the area that one or more of the former (graduates) or current students are servicing your needs.  We should all care how the children of Colorado are educated and the local school boards have a direct influence on these future adults.  Please carefully consider your options for Aurora School Board in the upcoming November election.

All candidates for the Aurora school board are running for a “volunteer” position.  Yes, yes this is not a typo; the board is all community members donating their time and energy for the betterment of our kids on a volunteer basis. Yet each board member is required to be elected by the voters.  I am writing this letter to the editor to increase your interest about this very important election and to tell you about Amber Drevon, one of the candidates.

Amber is a graduate of Aurora Public Schools and the University of Denver. She works in the area and along with her husband is raising 3 children enrolled in the Aurora school district. With the support of her family, teachers, and Aurora Public School Board she has become a successful, contributing member of the Colorado community and wants to give back. She knows this school system inside and out and will work for our kids.

I know as a mother and grandmother, the most important legacy I can support is the education of future generations.  Please join me in supporting Amber for the Aurora Public School board.  You can read more about her at http://www.amberforaurorakids.com

— Renae Gerkin, Aurora via [email protected]