LETTER: Tucker Carlson embarrasses himself by calling Milley a ‘pig’


Editor: When Tucker Carlson of Fox News called General Mark Milley “not just a pig, he is stupid,” I was shocked.

Two presidents, a Republican and a Democrat, had the greatest respect and trust in this Four Star General who has served in the military for 39 years.

Former President Trump appointed General Milley as his Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, his principal military advisor and the nation’s highest-ranking military officer.

President Biden asked General Milley to continue to serve in these critical roles. How is it even remotely possible that this highly decorated Green Beret, who also graduated from Princeton and Columbia universities and the US Naval Academy, could be “stupid”?

For Tucker Carlson, with 2+ million viewers, to use this language and laugh at General Milley is irresponsible behavior and endangers the morale of our troops.

General Milley is the leader of every person who currently serves in the US military! Would you allow your children, grandchildren or other family members to insult a member of our military by using such vulgar names?

We can disagree on policies or politics, but to sneer and denigrate the highest ranking patriot in America, whose sole purpose is to protect our troops and all Americans, is truly shameful and unpatriotic!

— Toni Hesse, via [email protected]

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Joe Felice
Joe Felice
1 year ago

He embarrasses himself every time he opens his mouth.