LETTER: The Electoral College is an outdated anomaly


DEAR EDITOR: Every State in the Union (with only two exceptions) modeled their legislature after the bicameral plan used at the Federal level (Senate/House). The legislature is the appropriate arena for brokering the differing needs of large/urban and small/rural populations.

On the other hand, EVERY state elects their Chief Executive (Governor) via popular vote! This reflects their wisdom in acknowledging that the execution, administration, and enforcement of laws affects every citizen equally…regardless of zip-code or the density of population surrounding their homes.

Think about it! Not a single state uses the EC model, despite tensions between urban/rural needs.

Colorado, once again, showed vision and leadership in adopting the National Popular Vote. A small number of zealots want to override this recently-enacted bill for purely partisan reasons…believing (wrongly) that the EC favors the GOP. If John Kerry had won Ohio (which some believe he did), he’d have become president while losing the popular vote. John Kennedy won the EC without the popular vote (adjusting for Mississippi reporting anomaly). In any case: the undue advantage allowed by the EC knows no political party and should be neutralized so that Every Vote Counts Equally.

Spread the word: vote FOR Colorado joining the National Popular Vote Compact.

— Stuart Zeiger, via [email protected]