LETTER: Thanks for the positive spin on disappointing objections to Aurora affordable housing


EDITOR: I’m very appreciative of Editor Dave Perry’s  opinion piece last week about the Mountain View Community homes.

My family and I have lived in the Havana Heights neighborhood for almost 7 years and have sent our two daughters to Ponderosa Elementary School since our oldest was in kindergarten.

We love walking to the Havana Heights playground and have talked about the possibilities of this empty field ever since the initial meeting about a new housing project there, hosted by Mountain View Church and Habitat for Humanity.

During that meeting, I was surprised and saddened by the hostile outcry toward affordable housing. Our school needs the infusion of new families, our aging neighborhood would do well to see kids riding bikes and playing at the park and in the cul-de-sacs, and I especially appreciate your comment that so many say they want affordable housing, “just not in my neighborhood.”
I felt discouraged after that initial meeting (and agree, felt pretty lousy about my neighbors!) but reading your article gave me hope for the project. Thank you for reporting it in such a positive light.
— Annie Rim, Aurora, via [email protected]
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Joe Felice
Joe Felice
6 months ago

Many of us share your hope. I hope the guy who made that remark is happy with his notoriety. If he really feels that this project will reduce his property’s value, I assume he will sell his house before that is allowed to happen. And then watch from afar as that doesn’t happen. He will henceforth be known as the face and the mouth of NIMBYism.