LETTER: Tax theft


DEAR EDITOR: A foreign corporation causing weather disasters, terminal diseases, and pollution gets our taxes.

Iowa Senator Charles Grassley and the Organization for Competitive Markets say the world’s biggest slaughter corporation got tax dollars meant for local farmers.

Despite Brazil-based JBS corruption and its over 12-million-pounds recall, the Greeley Tribune reported the USDA offered $22.3 million to Greeley-based JBS USA. Nearly 8.9 million tax dollars went to JBS in Minnesota, almost $8 million went to JBS in Iowa, and the Washington Post caught another $5 million payment.

Our tax dollars should fight killer disease and climate disaster — not make them more deadly. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine ran “Bacon Is a Killer” TV ads in 18 states with the most colorectal cancer.

Greenpeace says we can’t fight global warming without cutting meat consumption to 22 kg by 2030, but JBS plans to raise it to 48 kg by 2030.

— Deidra Smith, via [email protected]