LETTER: We stand with Aurora’s city staff leaders



We are writing to express our strong support of the outstanding management team running the City of Aurora.

With a population of 350,000 and nearly 2,900 dedicated employees, day to day management of our city is a critically important function. Our City Manager, three Deputy City Managers and two Assistant City Managers provide outstanding leadership on a daily basis. We are very concerned regarding staff morale because of some of our colleagues’ behaviors toward them. They deserve to be treated as the professional municipal managers that they are.

Over the past four years Aurora has seen substantial growth in population, jobs, housing, commercial and residential development. This growth has manifested itself in many ways including new projects, plenty of challenges and the requirement for close collaboration among many groups. In addition, the Aurora City Council has named more than 10 High Priority Special Projects, all of which are in some stage of construction or completion.

Running an organization the size of Aurora, Colorado is a complicated task that requires skills and experience. Our city management team has the skill and dedication to make sure progress of our city continues forward.

We, the undersigned Mayor and Council Members, have decades of service in the public and private sector, working with and on senior management teams. We are confident in stating that the City of Aurora is currently in the hands of an excellent Executive Team.

Steve Hogan, Mayor

Bob LeGare,
Councilmember At-Large

Brad Pierce,
Councilmember At-Large

Angela Lawson,
Councilmember At-Large

Bob Roth,
Ward V Councilmember

Francoise Bergan,
Ward VI Councilmember