LETTER: Ryan Frazier would be the cat’s meow as Aurora mayor

EDITOR: This is in support of Ryan Frazier for Mayor of Aurora. Ryan has the welfare and prosperity for our fair city as his highest priority. Ryan is not one wishing to start many blue-ribbon projects to showcase himself and leave a legacy to his name of all the good he has done in preparation for higher political aspirations later. Ryan is not that way. Any good he does he will use organizations, associations and their existing relationships already in place and not seek credit for himself for starting them. That is Ryan Frazier.

Ryan sees the good and ambitious nature in the majority of humankind and will work to remove unnecessary barriers that prevent our citizens from seeking productive, prosperous lives. Ryan has a focus on objectives such as making Aurora with the lowest business tax rate in all of Colorado, The lowest crime rate of any city, and the city with the highest quality of life. Ryan will seek ways to engage all of our citizens and make them know their contributions to Aurora Colorado matter very much. Ryan Frazier wants every resident in Aurora to feel important and needed.

There are other good candidates seeking to be Mayor, but we feel Ryan Frazier is easily the best.

Shayne and Lori North and The Cat (Sorry, The Cat cannot vote) — via [email protected]