LETTER: Sense of service, sense of humor make Jason Crow invaluable in Congress

Editor: I met Jason Crow when he gave his first pitch to run against Mike Coffman for the CD6 US Congressional seat. He was new to politics but had done a lot of work for veterans as he is a veteran himself. His personal story was a good one, working class family, put himself through college and joined the military after 9/11, exiting with a Bronze Star. A solid family man with two young children and a law degree. There was something special about him. His authenticity and sincere desire to serve the country, to help families live better, less stressful lives won me over and I became a fervent supporter and volunteer for his campaign. In his first term he has proven we can trust him to serve our diverse community with respect and integrity. He listens to his constituents with true attentiveness. He works hard to achieve his and our goals of affordable heath care, good job and educational opportunities, reasonable gun control, and protection of our precious land, water and air. He also has a good sense of humor which is invaluable in politics and life. For these reasons, I wholehearted support his re-election and I hope you will too.
— Jeannie Dunham, Letter to the Editor
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