LETTER: Sen. Cory Gardner understands rural Colorado


EDITOR: John Hickenlooper’s campaign staff should be taking notes. This month, Cory Gardner demonstrated how to interface and communicate with constituents while on his farm tour. Hickenlooper must have a lot of faith in the voters in Denver and Boulder if he thinks that he can avoid travelling to the Western Slope and the Eastern Plains. If Hickenlooper hopes to convince anyone east of the I-25 corridor to vote for him, his campaign must do a better job of reaching out to voters in rural Colorado.

Cory Gardner understands. He understands rural Colorado. He understands agriculture. He understands what it’s like to live in a town where you’re miles away from the nearest hospital and grocery store. Anyone who claims that Cory Gardner isn’t in touch with Coloradans is obviously unfamiliar with Cory Gardner. With his long list of accomplishments and the current pandemic, Cory Gardner has plenty of convenient excuses to stay home and let his work speak for itself, but he doesn’t. He’s instead chosen to find out how he can continue to effectively serve Coloradans.

As a native Coloradan who has witnessed Cory Gardner serve our state admirably in the Colorado State Legislature as well as in Congress, it will be a privilege to vote for him this November and send him back to Washington for another 6 years.

— Benjamin Hasart, via [email protected]