LETTER: Sen. Cory Gardner is silent on top 2020 issues


EDITOR: Senator Cory Gardner has been rather noisy lately.

Noisy about meeting with start-ups in Colorado Springs, health centers in Grand Junction (as he supports the lawsuit against ACA with no replacement plan), forest products workers in Montrose, a sculpture in D.C., visiting bus facilities in Durango.

Noisy about the Great American Outdoors Act, which will provide needed funding for public lands.

And using this one bill, he has been promoting himself as a conservation supporter even when the League of Conservation voters has awarded him with a 10% lifetime score for his conservation votes.

In previous years these visits would be seen to have their merits. But now?

The senator has been silent on much more pressing issues this year.

Silent about the President’s handling of the COVID19 pandemic, not enough testing and contact tracing, the Heroes Act which would provide much needed relief for the unemployed, those facing evictions, small businesses, stimulus payments, aid to state governments and more actions that were needed yesterday.

Silent about the President’s dismantling of the United States Post Office in order to suppress mail-in voting, a system that propelled him to the Senate in 2014. Gardner has refused to promote Colorado’s voting process as something for states to emulate.

Interfering with our right to vote is inexcusable for an elected official.

And the collateral damage is the unnecessary delay in delivering medications, mail order products, car registration and insurance cards, checks, etc.

Senator Cory Gardner’s silence is more deafening than his noise.

— Lynne Popkowski, via [email protected]