LETTER: ‘Seditious’ election stunt by Buck, Lamborn warrants condemnation

EDITOR: Some people are throwing around the word “sedition” to define what congresspersons Ken Buck, Rep. Doug Lamborn and 124 other elected Republicans did when they joined a brief in support of the Texas lawsuit that seeks to overturn, not recount, legally cast votes for Joe Biden in other states (not Texas).
The Attorney General who is leading this charge, by the way, is under FBI investigation for abuse of office and bribery.

I’m not a lawyer so I won’t use that word.  But I have other words.

I’d use servile, cowardly, craven, faithless, obsequious, unpatriotic, invalid, sycophantic, fearful.

Servile to the man who clings to power to avoid the criminal charges that surely await him after January 20.

Unpatriotic to the oath they took to support and defend the US Constitution, which gives states the power to conduct elections, against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Unfaithful to the citizens of Colorado who elected them in good faith that these Representatives will serve them.

Fearful that they will lose the power they cling to.

It strains credulity to think that Buck, Lamborn and the others think this is a noble cause.  It is unworthy and degrades the office they hold.

Let’s choose wisely next time for, certainly, we now know better.
Lynne Popkowski, Littleton via [email protected]