LETTER: Rep. Jason Crow has earned another term


Editor: I’m not in the habit of writing letters to the editor, but given the importance of this election, I believe it is imperative to speak out and explain why it is so important to re-elect Jason Crow to Congress.

Congressman Crow stated from the beginning of his first campaign that, if elected, he would be mindful of the fact that he is a servant of the people. He has adhered to that philosophy from the beginning of his tenure as Representative of the 6th Congressional District to today.

If I had to define one element of Congressman Crow it is that he is a man of his word, which is sadly lacking in our government today. He has never accepted corporate PAC money—in fact, he introduced a bill in the House of Representatives requiring high dollar donors to reveal their contributions shortly after being sworn into the House.

His efforts as our representative have always been directed towards helping all the people, not just the monied interests. He has worked across the aisle in his small business sub-committee passing legislation, which helps aid the myriad of small businesses in the 6th Congressional District as well as the rest of the country.

He is a proponent and leader in efforts directed toward climate justice, as a co-sponsor of the Thrive agenda; a sane and vocal advocate of gun violence prevention; a strong voice in promoting affordable health care for everyone; and a tireless Congressman working for veterans and their needs. As a veteran himself, having served three tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq, he knows and understands the needs of these folks and their families.

To the readers of this letter, the choice is simple—re-elect Congressman Jason Crow—a true representative in deed, not just in words, he is, in fact, what he claims—a servant of the people he represents.

— Mark Weindling, via [email protected]