LETTER: Re-elect Dan Jorgensen to APS Board


After reading Dan Jorgensen’s latest opinion piece in the Aurora Sentinel and reflecting on his contributions to the Aurora Public Schools school board during his first term, I am convinced that we need to re-elect Dan Jorgensen.

Dan Jorgensen is clearly someone who understands the importance of public education. He is also someone who is not afraid to ask critical questions and push our schools and district administration to embrace innovative solutions and improvements. He has a clear understanding of the challenges our district faces, and he fearlessly advocates for system wide improvement and community involvement to address our challenges.

Also, as an APS teacher and resident of Aurora with ten years of experience and service in this school district, I am impressed with Dan Jorgensen’s commitment to and understanding of educator effectiveness and the importance of staff leadership and retention. In addition to pushing for community and parent involvement, he always takes time to consult with those of us in the field about the strengths and challenges we are facing in our collaborative work to provide an equitable and excellent education for every APS student. Dan Jorgensen understands the impact a highly effective educator can have on a student’s education, and he is committed to recruiting, retaining, and developing high quality staff in our most impacted schools.

Our schools need the high standards and community involvement that Dan Jorgensen represents. That is why I will be voting for him when I receive my ballot.

Jessica Cuthbertson
Aurora Public Schools Teacher