LETTER: Prop CC would rob taxpayers of money they never owed


EDITOR: Proposition CC would rob taxpayers of money they never even owed.

Our Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights empowers Coloradans in two crucial ways: It allows us to vote for and against any proposed tax increases by the government, and it provides us with tax refunds in each year that the government hits its spending cap. Proposition CC, if passed, would take away the latter, forever.

You read that right: if Proposition CC passes, Coloradans will never receive Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) triggered tax refunds ever again.

This is farcical. Tax refunds aren’t “gifts” from government; they are hard-earned dollars that taxpayers never owed government in the first place. Proposition CC would be better named Proposition Pickpocket, as it’s little more than a clever ruse to convince Coloradans that their money isn’t actually theirs. It’s worth noting that the state’s existing budget of more than $32 billion is its biggest ever. Proposition CC’s proponents, however, are telling us that a record budget isn’t enough, when in reality, bureaucrats and lawmakers are simply terrible at prioritizing the state’s needs, and even worse at spending our money.

Colorado’s economic future hangs in the balance this November. When voters receive their ballots in the mail, I urge them to come together and say NO to Proposition CC.

Kathleen Chandler —via [email protected]