LETTER: Paid signature gatherers + narrow partisan funding does not equal a citzen-led movement


DEAR EDITOR: In reading recent headlines about the recall referendum for National Popular Vote, I am amazed that popular vote opponents claim a grassroots nature of their campaign.

Where is the mention of the $500,000 contributed to the effort by rapidly partisan donors? https://tracer.sos.colorado.gov/CampaignFinance/Filings/Schedules/ViewContributionSchedule.aspx?FilingID=274997

Where is the mention of the deceptive signature practices paid signature gatherers used to trick people into thinking these petitions were pro-popular vote? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-HhzLnanI8.

It is time to define the anti-popular vote movement for what it is – extremists who are afraid of equal vote for president. Governor Polis and the Colorado Legislature got it right. Let’s support them and have a Popular Vote for President. The person with the most votes should win.

— Linda Sorauf, via [email protected]