LETTER: Only One Choice


Dear Editor,

I am writing in regard to the Colorado State Board of Education primary in CD6.

There are two candidates running in the Democratic primary for this seat. One has held office before but has never worked in schools or education. And then there is Ilana Spiegel who is a career educator of 25 years who has built a network of school officials, leaders, and parent and community members across CD6 and the state.

We have the great opportunity to put kids first by electing an educator and mom who will bring classroom values to the Board—something that can only happen if we elect Ilana in the primary and general election.

The differences between the primary candidates are very stark and clearly distinguish who is really dedicated to education:

One has served on a City Council and has been active in the party but has no experience that relates to the many challenges that the State Board of education presents. Her absence from most of the local school board and district meetings reveals her lack of commitment to the education community.

Ilana Spiegel, however, has been the champion for kids and education, endorsing child privacy and protections, contributing to legislative efforts to reduce testing, restore K-12 funding, and testifying on behalf of children’s rights. From teaching to developing staff to serving on board and committees, she has shown a relentless devotion to children and making schools better. As a lifelong advocate for children and an educator, she understands all the issues that students and families face. Known throughout the state as a leader in education, Ilana would be a superb representative for the State Board of Education.

There is only one choice; Ilana Spiegel for CO State Board of Education in CD6.