LETTER: It’s not unsupportive to ask questions of our government



The government will never voluntarily admit that it is imperfect.

Some of my colleagues have chosen to write a very interesting letter to the editor praising without any reservations the City Management team. I think the City of Aurora is a great City with many positive attributes and a lot of potential.

Unfortunately there is a tremendous amount of pressure being exerted by the top to not rock the boat. By this I mean don’t ask difficult or potentially non-positive questions of City Management.

I was not elected to be seduced by elected office but to question those practices that I believe my constituents would want questioned. For example, why is the City out of compliance with the mandated minimum police staffing requirement? Why are we ranked Number 1 in the country in terms of our firefighters having to respond to  the most service calls per firefighter? Why was overtime for firefighters over $2 million? Why is the  racial diversity of the Police Department so out of sync with our community? Why are we raising water rates when Aurora Water is currently supporting many other non-water-related activities? Some of my colleagues very much resent me asking those types of questions.

I cannot speak for any other Council Member, but I feel that their letter is aimed directly at me and some others on council who will not be intimidated or pressured to gently and quietly go with the flow of free lunches and dinners and the faux respect and ego-building paid to the municipal decision makers while they are in office.

Charlie Richardson,
Ward IV