LETTER: National Popular Vote proposition would be good for all


EDITOR: Vote “Yes” for Proposition 113; National Popular Vote, which will ensure that every vote in every state will matter and will drive for better governance whether you vote Red, Blue or are a diehard rural Colorado Independent like myself. The National Popular Vote will tally all national votes before awarding the winning Electoral College votes, ensuring that the candidate with the most votes wins. The National Popular Vote preserves the Constitution and leaves the Electoral College unchanged.

National Popular Vote will fix the anomalies with the current winner-take-all rules:

– It will eliminate swing-state and flyover states. There are only 5 swing states in 2020, and if you want your vote to count, then 113 is for you!

– National Popular Vote protects Colorado rural voters who are outnumbered by Front Range voters by including their vote at the national level.

– It will reduce California’s outsized influence by about 40%, by counting its split between the Red and Blue before awarding Electors. The Red voters in Blue states will matter again. If you’re worried about California, then 113 is for you!

– If you are a fiscal conservative, then 113 is for you, because incumbents won’t send pork projects to states. An example is the most expensive entitlement ever, Medicare Part D, enacted in 2003 to secure the swing-state Florida vote in 2004.

– If concerned about illegal voting, then 113 is for you! With the current winner-take-all, a small number of fraudulent votes in a swing state can reverse the outcome for the entire nation. In 2000, only 538 fraudulent Florida votes would have reversed the outcome, but with National Popular Vote it would have taken 544,000 fraudulent votes to swing the national election.

— Ralph E. Burns, via [email protected]