LETTER: Mike Coffman has the right ideas and the right connections to serve Aurora as mayor


EDITOR: Aurora is in the midst of a pivotal mayoral race. Who we elect matters. While Aurora is thriving, our community faces growing challenges: worsening traffic, escalating crime rates, and unbridled growth.

Aurora needs a mayor who can make a difference on these and other challenges facing the city. That’s Mike Coffman. His experience and vision are unparalleled, and Mike’s relationships – at the federal, state and local government levels and with Aurora business and community leaders – mean he is uniquely equipped to tackle tough challenges.

As a businessman, elected official and military veteran, Mike Coffman has experience working within and leading large organizations. That’s important. It’s one thing to propose plans and ideas. In the world of government, that’s the easy part. It’s quite another thing to know how to get those plans and ideas approved.

Mike Coffman not only has bold ideas to tackle our public safety, transportation and growth challenges (see www.MikeforAuroraMayor.com); he has the tools and know-how to get them done. Aurora voters shouldn’t pass up this opportunity. Vote Mike Coffman for Mayor.

Cynthia Crockett — via [email protected]