LETTER: Mayoral hopeful Mike Coffman needs a clue about what he’s proposing for Aurora


EDITOR: Regarding mayoral candidate Mike Coffman’s opinion piece of Sept. 12 in the Sentinel on “Successful public schools helps all of Aurora succeed,” he goes about proving that he doesn’t know much about Aurora, doesn’t do his research, and is not qualified to be our mayor.

The same Mike Coffman who ducked out a back door to avoid meeting with his then congressional constituents now says he “will work to integrate the resources that the City of Aurora allocates to the Department of Parks and Recreation by, whenever possible, co-locating our parks, recreation facilities, and recreation programs either adjacent to or within our public schools” and that he would better integrate these within our public schools.

First of all, the name of the department is Parks, Recreation & Open Space Department (PROS). APS and PROS already has Intergovernmental Agreements, IGA’s, for its Community Of Many Providing After School Success (COMPASS) program at 8 schools. PROS utilizes Rangeview High School for its wrestling program and other youth programs. Rocky Mountain Prep gets out of school early on Fridays and the Foundation for Stable Urban Communities has a program for those students at Moorhead Recreation Center which is across the street from the school. PROS also runs some financial literacy programs for the community at Moorhead and Glass Hearts, a non-profit which works with young men who have children reintegrating back into their children’s lives utilizes Moorhead. Crawford Elementary School holds monthly meeting for the community. PROS and Cherry Creek’s Overland High School have IgA’s for the swimming pool and tennis courts at Utah Park and Overland’s baseball field is located in Utah Park. PROS utilizes the gymnasium at Overland and volleyball courts at Horizon Middle School.

The Moorhead, Central, and the now being planned new southeast recreation centers are all adjacent to public schools. Many of the schools in Aurora are adjacent to or near public schools and most of PROS pools are near public schools.

Don’t let Mike Coffman buy his way into office. He has already reported raising $377,626.99 for his campaign. Why does he need that much to run for a job that pays $80,000 a year?

— Arnie Schultz, Aurora via [email protected]