LETTER: Local gun control isn’t hard, it’s just necessary


EDITOR: Once again we see the dance of cowardly politicians avoiding action about our death cult of guns, as the body count continues to rise. It has only gotten worse since phony “Originalist” Antonin Scalia wrote the most intellectually and legally dishonest Supreme Court opinion of the 21st century, District of Columbia v. Heller, which elevated a hitherto non-existent constitutional right to own firearms to the level of Holy Writ.

Accordingly, I offer the following Modest Proposal to put this beast under a leash:

1. Mandatory registration of all firearms. The beauty of this is the fact that we had such registration before and after the passage of the Second Amendment, including under Thomas Jefferson, who ordered the first nationwide gun census. This census involved determining just who owned firearms, and which firearms they owned. If that kind of registration was constitutional then, it’s constitutional now.

2. Gun licensure. We license drivers before letting them operate a car. It is foolish that we allow people to own and operate guns with no qualifications at all.

3. Mandatory liability insurance for anyone who carries a gun outside their home.

4. Background checks for every gun sale, including private sales and gun show sales. Make it a criminal offense to sell any firearm without such a check.

5. Limitations on magazine capacity. The man who shot former Representative Gabby Giffords and 18 other people was grabbed by bystanders when he stopped to reload. Two of his magazines held 33 rounds each. If you need more than 6 bullets to protect yourself, then you’re either unskilled with handguns or you’re in trouble too deep for a gun to save you.

6. A ban on open carry. Walking around openly packing heat is not a sign that you love the Second Amendment. It’s a sign that you are disturbed, that you enjoy intimidating strangers, and that you revel in that intimidation. Gun nuts like to claim that gun ownership results in a “polite society”. It doesn’t: It results in a terrified society.

Enacting the above would not run afoul of the actual Second Amendment, or even the fantasy Second Amendment that Scalia conjured out of whole cloth. It is past time that we impose some sanity here.

Jeff Ryan—  via [email protected]